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DryRainge Add-Ons

As part of the DryRainge training facility we offer the option to add a printed banner or a set of wheels to your cover. If you have any additional requirements to this please let us know and we will try and find a solution.

Printed Banner

Both the 2 bay and 3 bay DryRainge products are designed to host a printed banner. This space offers the opportunity to promote your course or display a sponsor. The print is totally up to you should you require inspiration we have a design capability at our premises also.

A key feature of this banner is it’s ability to be changed. The banner is fitted to the DryRainge using Velcro pads, thus meaning you can always make alterations in the future. This may be particularly beneficial in cases of sponsorship or event specific applications.

Dry Rainge canopies have the option to host these banner in four positions. These are all within the areas of mesh netting which can be seen on the canopy. Banners can be mounted externally on the sides or back panel of the canopy, or internally on the back panel of the material. The Dry Rainge canopy can have multiple banners or one banner in a position of your choice.

Wheel Fittings

Wheel fitting are one of our ground kits and are designed to allow the user to move a Dry Rainge for a short distance. Please click here to see full details.


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