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Soft Ground Fixing Kit

The soft ground fixing kit is in essence 4 very large and heavy duty pegs which assist in securing the Dry Rainge.

This system is suitable for a range of surfaces including: grass, wood chippings, some mattings and sand surfaces. Essentially if the ground which is to beneath your Dry Rainge is not totally solid this would be the appropriate fixing method.

The pegs used in this kit feature a corkscrew design to aid the user when installing or moving the Dry Rainge. The corkscrew element is there to assist the user when pushing these large pegs into the ground.

Once fully installed the corkscrew will act as an additional anchor for the Dry Rainge due to the greater surface area at the bottom of the peg. The four pegs have been appropriately positioned to the right of each corner of the Dry Rainge the ratchet straps can be added and tightened.

The simple but effective ratchet strap system enables the user to achieve tension and security. This system anchors the Dry Rainge and makes moving the canopy for short distances achievable with the wheel kit should the club choose to add that system also.

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