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High Winds? Don’t Worry!

DRYRAINGE-SUMMARYHere at Dry Rainge we fully appreciate how unpredictable the weather conditions can be… that’s why we’ve now got wind loading calculations for our canopies, to put your mind at ease!

The 2 and 3 bay Dry Rainge’s proved they were able to cope with wind speeds up to 63mph (or 27 metres per second) this is above the UK baseline extreme wind speed of 24 metres per second.

These numbers are based upon a couple of core assumptions; these will help you further determine if Dry Rainge is right for your playing area. These numbers are based upon the Dry Rainge been situated at 160m above sea level (UK average). There is also an assumption that the canopy is a minimum of 2.5km away from the coast. If your location is below these two variables we feel confident Dry Rainge might be the solution for keeping your customers dry and eliminating most winds.

If your club falls outside of these two variables all is not lost! Give us a call we may be able to provide a heavier duty system to cope with your locations requirements. Your piece of mind if important to us, if you have any questions regarding wind loading or your locations more unusual needs then do discuss your concerns with our friendly team.

We want your Dry Rainge to be a long term investment into the club’s facilities, hence we will endeavour to create a solution just for you if we need to. The wind loading calculations do look quite technical but we’d recommend having a scroll through just to give you an idea and raise any questions you may have.

To view summary calculations click here, or the full wind loading calculations can be found here

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Written by...

Paul Noble