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Get into Golf Scheme

Get into Golf Scheme

Could a Dry Rainge be the perfect addition to help your club get involved in the Get into Golf Campaign?

Get into Golf is, as I’m sure many of you already know, a national campaign aiming to get more people golfing. The scheme, run by England Golf and supported by Sport England National Lottery Funding, is delivered locally by clubs and professionals.

The scheme currently has 33 registered partnerships where clubs work with PGA professionals to offer a series of taster sessions, beginner courses and help in follow-on activities and eventually maybe a membership.

Here at Dry Rainge we’d like to see more clubs get involved in the scheme, with so many clubs up and down the country it would be fantastic to get people’s local clubs registered.

We think Dry Rainge could bring something a little unique to the sessions as if professionals saw fit they could mount small cameras inside the canopies. This little perk could be great fun to help beginners see where there going wrong… and show how easy the professionals make it look!


Golf should be a game anyone can enjoy and we are trying to extend that to anyone in any weather! We all love to hate the great British weather, we appreciate that the couple of hours on the course are often peoples relaxation time for the week. That’s why we’re hoping Dry Rainge can give you an all-weather area to get a little practice in on horrid days.

Fingers crossed Dry Rainge will can help more clubs become established in the exciting Get into Golf Scheme. We think the scheme is incredibly exciting and are optimistic it will remove the elitism often associated with the game. The scheme is simply saying when you start just bring yourself! Clubs will help in providing loan equipment until you find your feet with the game.

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Written by...

Paul Noble